Top hidden pros of comparing serviced and cheap office spaces

It is a fact that you have been searching for office space for some time, but have you decided as to what will work best for you? perhaps you haven’t, and that is why it is pertinent to know that you have kept your options open. It is true that finding a suitable office for rent, or lease, can be quite a difficult job. Finding one may not be all that difficult, but it can be a little technical. You have to ensure that the office matches your requirements. Not only that, but the office should not exceed your requirements and you don’t want to pay for that extra space that may come with it. Also, some of you may only be looking for serviced offices in Dubai and cheap simple offices may not work for you. All that said, it is also true that a cheap rental office offers benefits that you cannot overlook. Would it not be better to do a side by side comparison of both before deciding as to which one should you rent? It is time to compare:


Frankly, this is where a serviced office wins’ hands down. A traditional simple office comes with virtually no facilities, but the furnished office usually has furniture, fixture, lights, and fans or even ACs, fast internet connectivity. However, it is important that not all businesses would want to have these facilities, which means that simple rental offices would suit them better.


When it comes to prices, the cheap rental office takes the crown. Of course, the only thing this type of office offers is the space, but you can ask the property owner to fit some necessary equipment if you want. Some cheap offices come with basic furniture which will benefit tenants, but others don’t. On the other hand, serviced offices are better equipped by they come at a cost that some, not most, may have difficulty affording. It is important to know this as it will help you rent one as per your needs.


Well, every office has its own space regardless of whether it is the serviced one or a cheaper one. Call it a draw if you like as there is no winner here. You must ensure that space is enough for you to accommodate your equipment.

Whether you go for event space Dubai or an expensive one, always do some research prior to renting one.