Dubai – The Tourism Spot Where Diversity And Equality Prevail

Of late, Dubai is seeing an all-time rise in tourism and for a good reason. The development of Burj Khalifa has helped increase the number of annual tourists into this city. If you’ve been to Dubai, you will immediately note that there is construction going on in virtually every city block all over the city. Essentially, you will see a new monument or structure coming into existence every six months or so. However, there is something even more important that you will note and feel the moment you go down the street and meet people. You will tremendous cultural and ethnic diversity in this part of the world. With people coming from all corners of the globe and residing/ working, Dubai houses them all and fulfills their needs. You will enjoy your trips as much as you will cherish meeting and spending time with people from different countries. It is indeed an amazing experience and you might as well love to go through it again and again. Coming back to tourism, the central theme of Dubai, it is important to make a list of spots to visit first. However, before doing that, you should first do some hoteling and shopping. Here is how you should start your Dubai tour this year:


Being home to one of the most fascinating and impressive shopping destinations in the world makes Dubai such as desired place to be. You will find all types of fancy and modern malls one after another. Interestingly you will find Gold Souks, the market that has the largest gold jewelry collection in Asia. Firstly, don’t be surprised if you feel stunned seeing all that gold lying in front of you because it can be quite mesmerizing to see it at firsthand. Buying some is not a bad idea as gold is still cheaper in Dubai compared to other parts of the word.


One of the more interesting parts of your Dubai visit is hoteling. You’ve been to five star hotels many times so how about doing something different this time? Take a ride downtown Dubai and head to Deira and Naif Road. You will find a number of small hotels and restaurants in sequence. Eat local cuisine here and you enjoy the taste. Interestingly, you will find Asian foods like Tikka, Bryani, Qorma, Chicken And Beef Karahi, Fried and Curry Fish, Kheer (sweet dish made with milk and sugar) and many others.

The taste will remind you of a five-star hotel though the facility is just a smalltime hotel in the neighborhood.