Scheduling the best time to see your gynecologist

Gynecologists are basically healthcare practitioners who hold a specialization in the female reproductive system. They have the qualifications and skills required to diagnose multiple conditions, prescribe medication and plan out entire courses of treatment related to women’s healthcare issues. It is vital for women to start seeing their gynecologists when they turn 18 or become sexually active. Given below is a bit of information about the best time for women to see their gynecologist in Dubai:

Mid-menstrual cycle

During a female’s monthly cycle, the best time to see a gynecologist is right in the middle of it. What this means is that you try to schedule an appointment with your chosen gynecologist around two weeks before or after your menstrual cycle. In case you have an irregular menstrual cycle like many women out there, it is highly recommended for you to call your doctor and let her know about it. This way, it will be possible for your doctor to offer a bit of flexibility in terms of scheduling your appointment.

Refrain from douching

Douching is a rather questionable practice. On the whole, if you have an appointment scheduled with your gynecologist, then it is best for you to refrain from vaginal douching at least a day before the exam. The fact of the matter is that your body is designed in such a manner that it can clean itself naturally. The utilization of man-made products has the potential to upset the balance inside your vagina. When you visit your doctor, discuss the subject with her and get her opinion on it.

Unusual pains

Another good time to schedule an appointment with your doctor is when you are experiencing pain in your internal reproductive system or genitals. Make sure that you never ignore any pain and get checked by your gynecologist right away.

Missed periods

It is highly recommended for you to schedule an appointment with your gynecologist right away if you have missed your monthly menstrual period. There are multiple reasons behind menstruation cessation and it is best for you to get checked by a doctor. Make sure that you also schedule an appointment if you experience bleeding or spotting in the midst of your monthly cycle. Click here for more information in this regard and to schedule an appointment with one of the top gynecologists in Dubai.