5 Unique Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and some people are already wondering as to what is the best gift they can give their dads. Unfortunately, some of us are not that good in picking gifts. As a result, we end up buying generic gifts.

But you don’t have to buy common presents that you will see at malls. Check out these gift ideas that might be a good candidate for your Father’s Day gifting list:

  1. Shisha or bong

Some people think that shisha is juts for the hippies. But this item is culturally acceptable in some countries, especially the Middle East. If you think your dad would be open to something like this, why not try to give him a shisha and the best molasses in Dubai. There are stores and gift shops that offer quite a number of flavoured shisha and molasses for shisha-lovers. These shops offer high quality raw cigarette products that they shipped anywhere in the globe. Just be sure to instruct your dad on how to use it.

  1. Smartphone sanitizer


Some people are not very keen on cleaning their mobile devices. If your dad is one of them, then this gift might be the perfect thing to give him. He can stop cleaning his phone with wet wipes. With a smartphone sanitizer, he can simply put his phone in the canister and let the device clean the equipment while it is charging. This will help prolong the life of his smartphone.


  1. Leather tech kit


If your dad has a habit of losing his cords while on the go, then a leather tech pouch would be a good find for him. This kit will help keep those loose chords so he will know where to find it when he needs it. He can also store other tech stuff like his credit cards.


  1. Weekender bag


If your dad is a frequent traveler, then the weekender bag would be the ideal gift. Be sure to select a waterproof bag that he can carry during his outdoor trips. The bag should be in neutral color so it will complement whatever he is wearing.


  1. Sturdy luggage


This is also a great gift for dads who loves to travel and go into trips. If your dad’s suitcase is too beat up for use, it might be high time for you to replace it with something new.

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