History of photography

The word photography is derived from two ancient Greek words: photo, for “light,” and graph, for “drawing. Putting it together, “Drawing with light” is one of the best means of describing the art of photography.


Since the early ages, humans have tried to create memories of their lives in the form of pictures. This is why we can see drawings in cages made by prehistoric humans, along with drawings on the walls made by Ancient Egyptians, after which came candle portraits, which are believed to be the most important events in the history of photography.


The history of photography, as any event photographer in Abu Dhabi will tell you, is packed with stages of achievement, but amidst tem all, it was based mainly on two events. The first event is the invention of the dark room (Camera Obscura), where the first paper was documented. It was back in the year 1519 AD that the owner of the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, where they were used in that period (sixteenth century) where a dark room was first used. And there is much debate about the real discoverer of the dark room; there are those who say that Aristotle did so, and some of them mention the role of the Arab world astronomer Ibn al-Haitham, but there is nothing documented about the inventor of the dark room.


The next event was in 1727 AD by the German scientist Johan Schulze who observed by accident affected silver salts light, and this event is the real beginning of photography. The word photography was initially used by Ivkrom Rah in the year 1839 AD along with John Herschel who took the word from the Latin language.


Interestingly, there were extensive difficulties that were faced by the field of photography in its early days. However, the last century was marked by immense developments made in terms of the techniques used in photography, which made it easier technically and more prevalent. One of the difficulties that photography faced in its infancy was the cost of basic photographic material, in addition to the difficulty of taking a picture due to the length of exposure and the weight of the tools used. The communities were not receptive to the idea of photography and some of them even linked it to witchcraft and sorcery. You will find here that with time, a number of events took place and photography was introduced to the masses.


Tips on choosing the best bunk bed

People who have children are largely interested in purchasing bunk beds these days. There are certain tips and tricks that you should follow when heading out to purchase one. A few of these are:

Analyze the bed

Before anything else, it is extremely important for you to analyze the bunk beds in Dubai that you are interested in purchasing. For this, place both of your hands on the top bunk and give the good assembly a good shake, make sure that you question the shopkeeper about any movements that you might feel.

Get a professional recommendation

The next tip that you must follow when heading out to purchase bunk beds is that of acquiring a professional recommendation from the manufacturer as per the weight capabilities of different beds. You basically need to consider how large your children will be when using the bed. On the whole, it is best for the lightest child to sleep on the top bunk. For this, it is best for you to get professional recommendations from the manufacturers.

Consider the labor required

The next thing for you to do is determine how easy or laborious it will be to put together the bunk bed. If you lack experience in putting things together then there is a good chance that you will find it really hard to do so. Go through the user manual that comes with the bunk bed you are purchasing. If you find it hard, make sure that you ask for a professional help. It is extremely important for you to make sure that the beds are put together properly and that you choose the best mattress in Dubai for it or else you will risk the safety of your children.

Examine the bed

If you are purchasing bunk bed made out of tubular metal then it is highly recommended for you to examine them thoroughly. While they appear to be really stylish, most of them do not get erected adequately. It is vital for you to make sure that the set is stable. This will go a long way in ensuring the safety of your children.

On the whole, make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above when purchasing bunk beds. Doing so will make sure that you choose the right bed that will fulfill all your needs without compromising on your child’s safety.

5 Unique Gift Ideas For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and some people are already wondering as to what is the best gift they can give their dads. Unfortunately, some of us are not that good in picking gifts. As a result, we end up buying generic gifts.

But you don’t have to buy common presents that you will see at malls. Check out these gift ideas that might be a good candidate for your Father’s Day gifting list:

  1. Shisha or bong

Some people think that shisha is juts for the hippies. But this item is culturally acceptable in some countries, especially the Middle East. If you think your dad would be open to something like this, why not try to give him a shisha and the best molasses in Dubai. There are stores and gift shops that offer quite a number of flavoured shisha and molasses for shisha-lovers. These shops offer high quality raw cigarette products that they shipped anywhere in the globe. Just be sure to instruct your dad on how to use it.

  1. Smartphone sanitizer


Some people are not very keen on cleaning their mobile devices. If your dad is one of them, then this gift might be the perfect thing to give him. He can stop cleaning his phone with wet wipes. With a smartphone sanitizer, he can simply put his phone in the canister and let the device clean the equipment while it is charging. This will help prolong the life of his smartphone.


  1. Leather tech kit


If your dad has a habit of losing his cords while on the go, then a leather tech pouch would be a good find for him. This kit will help keep those loose chords so he will know where to find it when he needs it. He can also store other tech stuff like his credit cards.


  1. Weekender bag


If your dad is a frequent traveler, then the weekender bag would be the ideal gift. Be sure to select a waterproof bag that he can carry during his outdoor trips. The bag should be in neutral color so it will complement whatever he is wearing.


  1. Sturdy luggage


This is also a great gift for dads who loves to travel and go into trips. If your dad’s suitcase is too beat up for use, it might be high time for you to replace it with something new.

For more gift ideas like tobacco from UAE, visit this site.

How to obtain cheap car insurance

When it comes to car insurance, the first and most important thing to know is that it’s mandatory by law, caught driving without it and you will be fined. The penalties for driving uninsured vehicle are getting severer every year. In order to get the cheapest auto insurance you need to know what your options are. Here follows an overview on how to get the cheap auto insurance.

There are three insurance options available these days: basic, standard and self-insurance. The basic policy is the cheapest of all but at the same time it offers much less protection that the other mentioned types of insurance policies. The basic policy can be obtained from any insurance provider licensed in the country. Here is an overview of the basic insurance policy explained with the amounts of coverage you can purchase from a car insurance company.

Body injury protection

This type of car insurance in Dubai covers you against lawsuits and claims brought by individuals that were part of an accident in which you are found at fault. Without body injury protection you will be held responsible for paying for suffering, pain, economic damages like lost wages if it’s proved that you are the direct cause for the accident. The absence of body injury protection means that your insurance won`t cover the lawyer costs to represent you if sued. Due to that almost all of your assets will be at risk, which means that some or everything you have on your account can be seized as a result of a judgment against you. This type of protection is not mandatory, but is at disposal with the basic coverage policy as a choice with $10.000 per person per accident.

Property Damage Liability

It covers you in case of a lawsuit and claim from people whose property is damaged from the accident that you caused. This is included with the basic policy and it`s set at $5.0000 per accident.

Personal Injury Protection – PIP

PIP covers your injuries as well as the injuries of others present in your automobile in the time of the accident, regardless what or who caused the accident. PIP is a requirement and is included in the basic policy as it is in the standard policy as medical insurance in Dubai. Coverage is $15.000 per accident.


It covers damages to your vehicle that happened as a direct result of an accident with another vehicle or some other object. It’s available only as an option and only with some insurers.

Cigarette And Tobacco – Things To Know

The possibility of you being a consumer of cigarettes may or may not be there. Still, it is unfortunate that this product has been criticized a lot throughout the world. Without going into those details, we will maintain focus on more important things. For instance, the popularity of smoking tobacco is only increasing which shows just how popular it is across the world. in fact, it is this popularity why you see some of the best cigarette companies Dubai these days. Not only are they here, they are planning big and are likely to expand business in coming days. Keep in mind that tobacco is still a popular crop, and item our lives. It has been used in some form for thousands of years its use is still going strong. There are several different ways to use tobacco, and unlike what has been spread as a rumor among people, most of the forms are not harmful. There are a number of different forms and you can use them without getting harmed or affected. The fact is that tobacco itself is not harmful, rather is the way some people tend to use it that makes it into one.

A huge number of tobacco companies across the planet and most of these are renowned for positive reasons. Tobacco is often used as a symbol of culture and is consumed by millions. Despite all the information and studies, some quarters have indeed opposed its rampant and consistent use but the fact is slightly different. The sheer number of tobacco makers across the world and still designing quality smooth taste products that are loved by many across the world. Here is more on this so read through and learn some new information:

Quality Products Don’t Cause Diseases

Cigarettes are designed in differently by every different manufacturer. Naturally, when products are designed by different entities, they also look, taste and affect differently. You might be a casual or social tobacco user which is why there is no risk of you getting affected at all. Cigarettes, if made well, do taste smooth and often show some benefits as well. taking tobacco in the early hours of the morning will help your body get ready and focus on the work for the day.

All you need to do is to keep the usage of tobacco at minimum and only do so when you feel the need. Also, some cigarettes made by cigarette companies in Dubai are designed as light using mild form of tobacco which taste very smooth and causes no harm at all.

Tips to help you prepare for a kitchen renovation

If truth be told, remodeling your kitchen can be one of the toughest projects that you would find yourself dealing with. This is because the entire process can prove to be rather challenging and time consuming. However, things don’t really have to be this way. If you want to have a simple and easy experience when renovating your kitchen, then make sure that you follow the tips mentioned below.

Tips to help you get started

1- Make sure that you plan smart

It is highly recommended for you to schedule your kitchen renovation project at a time of the year when you know that you will not be using the kitchen as much. The best thing to do is to do so during the summers. Not only is the weather nice, there are plenty of outdoor activities that you can plan out as well. If possible, plan a summer vacation so you can come back to your newly renovated kitchen.

2- Pack things up

Although it may seem like a hassle, the very first thing that you should do when preparing for kitchen renovation in Dubai is to pack it up. The best part about it is that doing so will help you a great deal in organizing things. Get rid of all outdated or broken kitchen appliances and tools. Also make sure that you label everything so that it can easily be put away once the remodeling is done.

3- Set aside space to eat

Although you can always eat out while your kitchen gets renovated, there will be times when you would want to eat a meal at home. For this reason it is necessary for you to set aside space to eat with your family. With that, place the fridge in an area where you can access it easily. Also make sure that you have non-perishable food items available around the house. Get more info about this so you don’t have to worry about things during renovations.

4- Don’t let things get to you

At times you will find yourself getting over whelmed by the stress and dust involved in a renovation project. Make sure that you do not let it affect you. All the effort put into this project will go useless if you get irritated by the elements involved. Remember, at the end of it all it will be you who will get to enjoy having the beautiful kitchen of your dreams.

Exhibition Stand – What To Look For?

Regardless of whether you own a small business, a medium sized one or a large multifaceted organization, there comes a time when you feel the need to focus on the marketing aspect. In order to do that, you may be looking at new strategies on how to project your business to the mases in the new year. Such minor improvisations are a must and almost every business focuses on them at some point in time. Now that time has come, you may be thinking about focusing on the advertising part of your business which is the right thing to do.

First of all, you need to understand the usefulness of advertising. Everything that your marketing team does to promote the product and get customer attention as a result is known as advertising. When it comes to advertising, you need it different forms which makes sense too. For instance, if you are to participate into an exhibition, it is wise to have an exhibition stand to be displayed on your booth. Keep in mind that the top exhibition stands not only get noticed but the better ones also get instant praises by the crowd.

The interesting part here is to find reputable exhibition stand makers in Dubai. Naturally, you will have to spend time finding one and if you couldn’t, there is always the option to ask your contacts to do you the favor. It is important to find one before the deadline of the event falls as you had to set up the stall and stand before the event is inaugurated. Here is more on what to do to have your stands prepared the way you wanted:

Getting It Done

The first phase of getting in touch with the exhibition stand makers is to contact them and ask about other details such as prices and deadline. It makes sense to get one in the shortest possible time so that you are left with enough time to complete your stand the way you wanted to. There are chances that if your hired service is fast and efficient, chances are that your stand will be finished well within time and without anything going wrong during the process. Chances of you participating in the exhibition well within time and fulfilling all the requirements is

Visit us to know more about exhibition stands and how getting yours completed well within time is going to benefit your business in the longer run. You can even use the same stand over and over.