Benefits of a Dubai Mainland Company

As a business owner, your top priority is to base your company in a country which offers the best returns on your investment. Apart from the business opportunities, other factors like stable government, consistent economic policies, higher rank in the global ease to do business index, tax exemptions, strategic location, and a diverse market are always on top of the list. Finding a place which offers all of the above is no more an impossible task as now you can establish your company in Dubai with all of the above benefits.

Dubai is the ultimate place to have your company headquartered because of its amazing strategic location which allows you to tap several regional business and trade hubs like Africa, Middle East, Australasia, Europe, Central Asia, South Asia, and Far East Asia. Moreover, the process of getting your company registered in Dubai is simple and short, which lets you focus on your business rather than wasting your time in dealing with the government officials, which has been one of the biggest bottlenecks in the third world economies like Pakistan and India. Dubai has long been governed by the same royal family which means the state has a stable political setup. The stable political setup always gives rise to economic sustainability as most of the policies remain the same for a longer period of time. Ever since the announcement of World Expo 2020 in Dubai, there has been an immense infrastructural development in the state which has made it an attractive destination not only for the job seekers but also for the tourists and entrepreneurs.

Although, the Government of Dubai has established over 20 free zones to allow foreign investors to set up their companies in the United Arab Emirates. You can also form your company in the Dubai Mainland with certain changes in the rules and regulations. The biggest difference between a free zone and a mainland company is that a foreign businessman can own 100 percent stakes in an offshore company which is set up in a free zone, but it is not the case with the Mainland Dubai companies. If you want to set up a company in Dubai Mainland, you will have to first find a local sponsor who will own 51 percent stakes in your company. Although it sounds a hard pill to swallow, the arrangement comes with many advantages like having a good repute with the local authorities, thanks largely to the local business partner.